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kBC Lottery 2023 Official Website. Get KBC Lottery Winner list 2023.

KBC (Kaun bane ga crorepati) is one of the most famous game show introduced by the KBC lottery In India.

If you want to get a chance to become a KBC lottery winner,  register yourself and book a lottery ticket.

According to KBC, Mr. Govind Kumar and Danish Agarwal have become KBC Lottery 2023 winners. KBC Lottery Winners can now get information about their KBC Lottery Lucky Draw 2023 by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to our WhatsApp number +191 88444477.

The following KBC Lottery results and lucky draw will be announced from March 2023 to November 2023. The lucky draw dates will be announced by Mr. Rana Partab Singh himself, all the details of which will be uploaded on this website.

How To Participate Or KBC Lottery Registration 2023

The much-awaited KBC(Kaun Banega Crorepati) registration process will begin on January 15. KBC lottery registration 2023 is live now in India. The popular game show, (hosted by Amitabh Bachchan), is back with its 14th season and will give participants a chance to win jackpot money. To win the KBC lottery in 2023, you must register for the KBC 14 session 4.

If you belong to India and your age is more than 18 years, then you can become the winner of the KBC lucky draw 2023. You can participate in KBC Lottery in 2023 without any additional fees. You can participate in KBC Lucky Draw 2023 online through our official website. Now you don’t need to hire another agent to get registered in KBC Lottery; you can call our WhatsApp number to register your mobile number on our online portal.

Kbc lottery 2023

KBC Head Office Helpline Number

Winning a lottery is a dream for everyone; the KBC lottery is here to make people’speople’s dreams come true. Offering a vast amount of money to Lottery Winner makes people more interested in KBC Lottery. However, to participate in KBC All SIM Card Lottery in2023, you need to know about the our Contact Number.

Contact KBC Helpline Number or the KBC office WhatsApp number to get accurate information about the KBC lottery program. Since the KBC lottery is quite a popular prize scheme, it has attracted a lot of scammers, and they make fake calls to steal their personal information and ask them to deposit funds. It’s highly advised to double-check the LBC helpline number whenever you receive a fake call. You can use the following accurate, authentic KBC helpline number Mumbai to clear doubts about KBC head office number Mumbai.

KBC Head Office Number +19188444477

KBC Whatsaap Number +19188444477

Call our KBC head office
kbc lottery 2023 number
KBC Support
kbc lottery 2023

How To Check KBC Lottery Number Online 2023

Dear users, now check your number on our online portal. Our KBC Lottery Online Number Check 2023 service is available on our portal below. Please enter your original Lottery number and phone number and get complete information about your number. Call our official WhatsApp number if you need a lottery number, or reactive your KBC Lottery number. Our representative is there to help you 24 hours a day. 

KBC Lottery Number Check 2023 Online Or By Head Office Number

To check the KBC lottery number, you need to recharge your mobile sim, call our KBC lottery WhatsApp number, and get information about the KBC lottery winner list of 2023. You need to be registered with the KBC lottery to check KBC lottery numbers on our online portal to get winner of 2023 information. The number of KBC lottery winners would be between 10 to 12, who can win prizes up to 35 lacks with their luck. The winner numbers are announced on the official website. Please keep visiting our official website to see the list of KBC winners and get information about all the upcoming updates.
Where user’s problems have decreased with the online number-checking service, people’s interest has increased in who will be the next lucky draw winner, so those who have not yet to participate in the lucky draw should register themselves today. The service of KBC Lottery Number Check 2023 has been improved and faster than before; now, you can instantly get your number information online. Due to the Number Check 2023 online service, you do not need to go to the head office of KBC Lottery 2023. You can check the status of your number whenever you want, with just one click, but for this, you need to have internet, smartphone, or laptop through which you can check KBC lottery number 2023 on our website. If you don’t have internet, a smartphone, or a laptop, you don’t need to worry; you can call our head office number to know the status of your number.

KBC Lottery winners

KBC Lottery Winner list 2023

The expected date of KBC Lucky Draw 2023 or KBC Lottery Result 2023 can be announced on January 15, 2023, but Mr. Amitabh Bachan will make the final decision or announcement. Keep visiting the official KBC Lottery website to be aware of every update.

KBC lottery winner 2023

According to Bollywood king Mr. Amitabh Bachan, the new winners of KBC 2023 include Mr. Armaan, Mr. Mahesh, and others whose list has been updated on the website. All the winners who won the prizes of 25 lacks and the members who did not win the prizes will be re-entered in the upcoming KBC lucky draw 2023, for which the registered members can contact our KBC Whatsapp number 2023 again. It will be mandatory to confirm your registration.
According to KBC, the KBC lottery winner 2023 has gained much popularity. Now every second person wants to become the winner of the KBC lottery in 2023 to make their life easier. Because people are searching about the lottery on various social media, KBC has launched its official website so that people can easily book KBC Lottery tickets. For KBC Lottery winners, KBC has adopted a straightforward method on its website; now, people can get information about the winner of KBC Lucky Draw 2023 from the website whenever they want.

NoKBC Winner NameLottery AmountLottery NumberWinner Mobile Number
1Mr.Arman Ali25,00,00098302902******728
2Mr.Aarti Jag25,00,00089212837******876
3Ms.Raina Vastrkar50,00,0000001677******875
5Mr. Mahesh Kana25,00,0008972786******982
6Mr.Wastive Setti50,00,0001112771******121

Tips To Become KBC Lottery Winner 2023.

To become a KBC Lottery winner 2023, you first have to visit the official website of KBC (Koun Bane Ga Caror Pati) 2023. The lists of all the lucky winners uploaded on the official website of KBC Lottery must be checked which numbers they booked, and then they became KBC Lottery Winner 2023. Even if you book more than one ticket, your chances of winning increase, but in all the previous lucky draws of the KBC Lottery, some numbers were kept in the favorite list, which included numbers like 1122 and 1233. To become KBC Lottery Winner 2023, we suggest you book your numbers as much as possible because the more you book, the more chances you have to win and become KBC Winner 2023. . You will get more tips for KBC Lottery in 2023 by messaging us on WhatsApp.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 Updated List

Now we upload the list of every lucky draw of KBC Lottery 2023 on our website. The updated list of KBC Lottery in 2023 contains the names of all the lucky members of KBC Lottery Lucky Draw in 2023.

  • Mr. Anthoni  Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Dehli winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Ram Pal Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Mumbai winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Ashok Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City Dehli winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Ms. Jiya Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City lakhnow Winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Arjun Yadav Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Mumbai Winning Date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Pandiya Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Utra Khand Winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Rajesh Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Mangalore Winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Mr. Skandir Sandhu Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Lucknow Winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Ms. Janvi Rajmal Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Haripur Winning date 02 January 2023.
  • Ms. Lakhshmi  Lottery Winner of 25 Lakh City Haripur Winning date 02 January 2023.

The list uploaded above is the latest lucky draw list. If you are also the winner of KBC Lottery in 2023 or are among the winners of KBC Lottery, but your name is not included in this list, then call or message us on our Whatsapp number immediately.

KBC Lottery In2023 Information - KBC Lottery Upcoming News Updates

KBC is transparent and has a simple legal framework for winning the lottery. Join KBC lucky draw to win the jackpot quickly and brilliantly because there are very high chances of winning in the KBC lottery. If you book more than one KBC Lottery ticket, your chances of winning increase, and you become the kBC Lottery Lucky Draw winner in 2023.

What is KBC Lottery, and How Does It Work?

As you all know about KBC Game Show, KBC Lottery is also a part of the KBC Game Show. The KBC game show is shown on live TV in which people win lakhs to crores of rupees and change their lives. KBC Lottery cannot be shown live on TV because millions of people participate. This official website of KBC Lottery has been created in which millions of people are provided with all kinds of information.

What Are The Upcoming Updates And News For KBC Lucky Draw 2023?

The previous KBC Lottery lucky draw started late because of many difficulties due to covid at that time. Registration for the 2023 lucky draw was started this time in November 2022. The first lucky draw of 2023 was completed in the first week of 2023, and the result is available on our website.
KBC Lottery Lucky Draw runs in the shadow of the KBC Game Show, a top-rated show in India. Millions of people have benefited because of the KBC show. KBC Lottery Lucky Draw registration and its date have already been announced in the live show of Kon Banega Crorepati. The lucky draw is to be held in the first week of 2023, and the last date to join the first lucky draw is December 30, 2022. The registration of the second lucky draw has also been started, but the result of the lucky draw will be announced later.

What is the upcoming KBC SIM card lucky draw 2023 date?

In the earlier lucky draws of the KBC Lottery, only two SIM card holders were registered. Earlier lucky draws included KBC Lucky Draw, Jio Lucky Draw, and Vodafone Lucky Draw. But now it has been announced in the game show to include the numbers of all SIM cards in India. The lucky draw in KBC Lottery in 2023 will be all sim card lucky draw 2023. Now any SIM card will have no relation to who will be the winner of the KBC Lottery.

What are the requirements for registration in KBC Lottery lucky draw 2023?

  • ID Prof or Passport
  • Adhar Card
  • Indian Sim Card Number Of Any Company
  • It must be Indian National
  • Indian Bank Account Number If You Have

What is the law related to the lottery in India, and which lottery is legal?

India is a vast country with a population of around 150 billion. India is divided into different states based on its population and area. Each state has its law related to the lottery in India. Each state has introduced lottery or prize bond rules according to its own law. In some states, lottery tickets are available everywhere in share Bazar, but in some states, lottery tickets are sold online only. All India sim card lottery and Jio KBC lottery 2023 tickets are sold online only. Kbc lottery is legal in every state of India because it is a part of the popular show KBC. Hindustan news and Zee news India write about the Kbc lottery. KBC is a show that has broken all records of popularity. KBC has played an essential role in improving people’s lives. Even an ordinary person can fulfill his dreams by winning KB Lottery. Apart from KBC, lotteries work legally in India, but their procedure is complicated. They have not any online system, so people face difficulties. All other lotteries except KBC, which are legal in India, have very low chances of winning. Still, in KBC 2023, the prizes are distributed to people so that a maximum number of people can benefit. And people in India can improve their happiness.

What is the All India sim card lottery in India?

As you all know, in KBC earlier, only the Jio lottery and Vodafone lottery were running, which means users who had a Jio sim card or Vodafone sim card were registered in the KBC lottery. All India sim card lottery system has been introduced by the KBC lottery in 2023. The good news for all people in India is that you can now register for kBC Lottery in 2023 through any sim card. Now come to our website from your WhatsApp number to get all the information by messaging our KBC Lottery 2023 WhatsApp number. You can book your tickets by talking to our representative from any sim card number without any additional fee. All India sim card lottery 2023 in India has now brought an excellent system where you can book your tickets with a single click, check the lottery winner list and check your status from the online system.

All India sim card lottery winner list 2023.

Ever since the all-India sim card lottery system was introduced in the KBC lottery, the trend of people in KBC has been seen more. KBC Lottery started its registration before the start of 2023. The list of all the winners of the All India sim card lottery in India who have already won 25 lakhs in the lucky draw has been uploaded.



Wining INR



Shami Ahmad35,00,000238****102Jio
Aditiya Roy35,00,000635****232Vodafone
Soriya Kumar25,00,000982****121Airtal
Anaya Ali40,00,000132****098Airtal
Vijy Kumar25,00,000986****543Jio
Shani Bai25,00,000897****432Jackpot
Karina ABr25,00,000991****765KBC
Aourang Khel40,00,000253****098Airtal
Shumita Ray20,00,000910****124Jio
Arujun Raw25,00,000912****128Vodaphonne
Miss Poja15,00,000630***869Vi
Shankar Ram35,00,000283****012Bsnl
Raja Agrwal6,00,000908****467Tata
Roy Mishra19,00,000709****120Airtal
Arjeet Khana25,00,000102****500Vi
Shamil Khan25,00,000913****276Jio
Nandni Bmadra25,00,000967****098Jio
Roshni Khel20,00,000958****025Vi

Which one are KBC's official head office number and KBC's WhatsApp number?

Remember that our actual KBC lottery head office number and KBC WhatsApp number is 88444477; apart from that, we have no other number. Whenever you need information, you can call or send a WhatsApp message to this number, talk to our representative, and get the information you need. Our support team is available for you 24 hours a day. For KBC Whatsaap Lottery 2023, message our WhatsApp number today and get your registration done through the KB Lottery WhatsApp number. Join the KBC Whatsapp Lottery Lucky Draw to get a chance to win the jackpot. Our WhatsApp service is available 24 hours for all esteemed customers.

KBC Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2023 List

  • Deraj Shavastive Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 9801 WhatApp Number 786******008.
  • Shankar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 7865 WhatApp Number 908*****563.
  • Rahul Baba Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 7865 WhatApp Number 098*****712.
  • Amir Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 6500 WhatApp Number 208******097.
  • Shakti Aunm Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 3388 WhatApp Number 509******098.
  • John Rans Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 8054 WhatApp Number 098******896.
  • Anil Ana Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 0281 WhatApp Number 123******809.

How KBC Lottery Lucky Draw In 2023 Different From Other KBC Lottery Lucky Draws

All the lucky draws in KBC Lottery 2023 will be slightly different from the previous lucky draws because earlier lucky draws did not include all sim cards in India, but in 2023 all sim cards have been included. In KBC Lottery 2023, it is also proposed to do more lucky draws than before. All the lucky draws in 2023 will be uploaded on the online website. The registration process for the Kbc lottery in 2023 has already started, and the lucky draw tickets can be taken anytime from the online website. The prize money of KBC Lottery in 2023 will be more than before.
In KBC Lottery 2023, the suggestion of sending the lists of all the lucky winners to their WhatsApp numbers is under discussion. It is hoped that this system will be started soon after the approval so that the participating people do not have any problem getting the winner list.

KBC Lottery In 2023 Detailed Summary.

Thank you for coming to our website; we give you more details about the lottery in a summary so that you don’t have any problems. First, you need to know when the BC Lottery started and who founded it. You have visited our website, you must have understood what KBC is and, how it works, where it started, but you may have yet to see some points, so let us tell you again. First of all, let’s start with the KBC live show. Who will become a millionaire? If it is written in Hindi, Koun bane ga crore Pati? As you all know about this show, it is an excellent and famous show on Indian TV. This show has been telecast live in India for the past few years, in which the participant becomes a millionaire overnight by answering a few questions. This show is watched with great interest everywhere, whether in India or any other country. Hollywood has also made its film on this show, which is called Jae Ho. This film has crossed all the records of success all over the world. Seeing the popularity of the KBC live show, the management of KBC started the KBC lottery for all the people of India in 2020, which has now started its 4th season in 2023. From 2020 to 2023, millions of people won many prizes of 25 25 lakhs. KBC Lottery has now started with a new style and many new features.

In this edition of KBC Lottery in 2023, the number of lucky draws has increased with many new features for those participating. KBC Lottery started in 2020; then there are more than 20 lucky draws in a year in which 50000 prizes ranging from 1 lakh to 25 lacks were distributed. In the first year, 500,000 people participated, and 50,000 won millions of rupees. KBC Lottery distributed 500 crore rupees among people as prizes. Besides India, KB Lottery has become popular in other countries; now, people from other countries are booking tickets for KB Lottery in 2023 through their friends who are in India. KBC Lottery will now include the people of India and their friends. The number of people participating in the lottery is estimated to be around 25 lakhs this year.

Considering the increasing number of participants in KBC Lottery the management of KBC has accelerated the registration of the KBC Lottery in 2023 lucky draw. It has also increased the number of lucky draws. More than 100 lucky draws will be conducted in 2023, and more than 5000 prizes will be distributed in each lucky draw. KBC Lottery in 2023 is going to break all previous records this time. There is still massive scope for KBC Lottery in terms of the population of India, so KBC management said that we would be happy if more people of India were happy.

We will also tell you again how to participate in KBC Lottery. The official website of KBC Lottery in 2023 is Kbcwinner.net. You have to visit this website, register on the online portal, or send a message on the given KBC Lottery WhatsApp number. You can also call the helpline, and can do. Our representative will provide you with complete information about Lottery and complete the registration procedure. Remember to call the KBC Lottery head office or the WhatsApp number available on Kbcwinner.net.
How and where to get KBC Lottery Winner 2023 information? KBC Lottery has guided its customers at every point since 2020. KBC upload the list of every lucky draw on its website. The lists of KBC Lottery Winner 2023 will be uploaded on the website alternately, and the list of each lucky draw will be available on the website after its result. The number of lucky draws in in 2023 is high, so all the lucky draw lists cannot be available on the website; only the recent lucky draw list will be available. If you want to see the list of all previous lucky draws, message our KBC lottery WhatsApp number 2023, and you will be given all the details.

What should you do if you get a call to win the KBC lottery?

If you get a call or a message on your number or your WhatsApp number that you have been declared a lucky winner by BC Lottery, what should you do? First, you have to call our head office or message our head office Whatsapp number. Our team will guide you completely. Please, your actual BC number is only 191 88444477, and you should not contact any other number. If you receive a call from your bane ga crore Pati, you are requested to confirm the official number of KBC. To confirm the Koun bane ga crore Pati number, you should check the official number available on our website.

If you get a call from KBC Lottery, you can check the number online on our website and add your mobile number to get the information. Our online portal is available 24 hours for your convenience. Due to the facility of checking the number online, you will be fine. If you are still waiting for the required information from the online portal, then you can call our head office number or use the live chat option on WhatsApp. We will provide you with all the information during the live chat. You can also get a chance to participate in India’sIndia’s biggest reality show through our lottery platform because we have added chances to join the live show in our prizes in 2023, and people can participate in our live show. They can also fulfill their dreams. Please register your number in the jackpot by calling or messaging our head office number as soon as possible. We have some special surprises for you in 2023 that you and your family can enjoy.

Koun bane ga crore Pati lottery will be drawn three times in 2023. You can participate in the lucky draw thrice a month, and in 2023, you can participate thrice. This time we have decided to conduct three lucky draws every month; the amount of the first lucky draw will be 35 lakhs, the amount of the second lucky draw will be 25 lakhs, and the amount of the third lucky draw will be 15 lakhs. This time three big lucky draws will be done, and the list of each lucky draw will be uploaded. This time 100 small prizes have also been placed in 3 big lucky draws. The details of the minor prizes included with the lucky draws are as follows.
1. In the lucky draw of 35 lakhs, five more prizes have been added, worth 5.5 lakhs. Anyone participating in the lucky draw worth 35 lakhs will also be entitled to win five prizes of 5.5 lakhs each. There will be six lucky winners in the list of 35 lacks lucky draw, the first lucky winner amount will be 35 lacks, and the rest will win prizes of 10,10 lakh. 2. 30 prizes of 5 lakhs have been added to the 25 lakhs lucky draw. The number of winners in the lucky draw of 25 lakhs will be 31. 3. The third lucky draw will be worth 15 lakhs, in which we have added 60 prizes worth 2.2 lakhs. The number of winners in the third lucky draw will be 61. The aim of holding three lucky draws every month is to give more people a chance to win prizes.

kbc lottery 2023

KBC lottery Winner list 2021

Click blew to check KBC sim card lucky draw 2021. Kbc lottery winner list 2021

kbc lottery winner list 2023

KBC lottery Winner list 2022

Click blew to check KBC sim card lucky draw 2022. Kbc lottery winner list 2022

kbc lottery winner 2023

KBC lottery Winner list 2023

Click blew to check KBC sim card lucky draw 2023. Kbc lottery winner list 2023

Warning: Beware, Scammers - JIO India KBC Whatsaap, Sim Card Lottery.
If someone demands advance money from you in the name of processing fee, then you should understand that it is a scam.

Warning: Beware, Scammers – JIO India KBC Whatsaap, Sim Card Lottery.
KBC is a top-rated game show that also launches the annual KBC Lottery. KBC is a popular lucky draw system not only in India but all over the world, which has changed the lives of thousands of people. Due to the popularity of KBC, some people have started cheating people in the name of the KBC Lottery.
Scammers call or text people pretending to be representatives of the KBC Lottery, congratulating them on winning the lottery. People are asked to provide personal information, including credit cards, identity cards, and passwords. In addition, the scammers demand to send some money in advance to their accounts. Most people who make fake calls or text messages to people representing KBC Lottery are from Pakistan. If you receive a call or message congratulating you on winning the KBC Lottery or requesting to send any personal information and money, immediately call the numbers provided by our KBC Lottery Head Office. Contact. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to guide you.
KBC Head Office Number +19188444477
KBC Whatsaap Number +19188444477

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes KBC lottery is legal in India contact our support to get more information.

Largest and most famous Indian TV game show KBC manages and organize KBC lottery.

Visit KBC lottery official website or contact directly kbc head office whatsaap number.

Anyone can buy a lottery ticket and play the KBC lottery game  India.

You can check KBC lottery winner list by our online portal, winner list or directly contact through whatsaap.

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